Role-Play Actors

Below is the list of role-play actors and actresses currently attached to GPRP. They are all hard-working, versatile consummate professionals, who each have many years of experience doing various different types of acting productions in Derbyshire. Crucially, they have also all participated as role-players in GP communication skills sessions (working with trainees across all year groups), and have each been individually coached by Dr. Ramy Al-Rufaie in what is required of them as patient simulators.

Wherever possible, we will try and meet your requirements in terms of the age and gender of the simulators you need, subject to the availability of the individuals listed here.

Keren Adler, F (DOB 06.12.67)

Bhawna Bhawsar, F


Isaac Cheale, M (DOB 01.01.00)

Martin Grant, M (DOB 27.10.49)

Lewis Hamilton, M (DOB 19.01.01)

Ellie Hodson, F (DOB 13.03.98)


George Bates, M (DOB 17.10.57)

Luther Bottrill, M (DOB 03.05.02)


Ben Dowell, M (DOB 22.08.60)

Elaine Grew, F (DOB 12.10.61)

Dan Hodson, M (DOB 04.09.87)

Mik Horvath, M (DOB 29.11.65)

Gillian Bates, F (DOB 04.09.56)

Penny Breakwell, F (DOB 25.10.46)

Fliss Goldsmith, F (DOB 15.10.83)

Alisdair Hamilton, M (DOB 04.04.73)

Danielle Hodson, F (DOB 07.07.89)

Luke Johnstone, M (DOB 23.02.96)

Sarah Johnstone, F (DOB 11.07.67)

Paul Makinson, M (DOB 11.05.60)


Anne Palmer, F (DOB 09.08.55)

Eve Sacker, F (DOB 23.05.73)


Terry Stevenson, M (DOB 30.11.49)

Pete Watson, M (DOB 15.02.66)

Scott Johnstone, M (DOB 14.07.91)

Heather Louise Knibbs, F (DOB 18.06.91)

Jennifer McKee, F (DOB 21.10.55)

Andrew McWilliam, M (DOB 06.06.73)

Sally Pickard, F (DOB 27.04.68)

Karen Pickavance, F (DOB 22.04.74)

Mike Sacker, M (DOB 28.01.68)

Sheila Kay Sly, F (DOB 05.06.62)


Kay Swann, F (DOB 08.06.67)

Beverley Taylor-Collins, F (DOB 18.04.80)


Roger Whiting, M (DOB 11.11.49)

Jane Wilton, F (DOB 26.07.62)