Below are some testimonials from previous teaching sessions that GPRP have been involved in:

"I have been involved in many CSA training events where GPRP have provided the simulators. The actors are always punctual, well prepared and professional. They have provided excellent simulation of numerous clinical scenarios and are happy to replay a section or give feedback, which our trainees have always found really useful. I remember watching a trainee consult with Eve Sacker, who was simulating a patient who was a victim of domestic violence. The performance was so real and moving that I forgot to watch the trainee! I am happy to recommend GPRP to you, and we will definitely continue to use them at the Chesterfield GP Training Programme".

Dr Ralph Emmerson, Chesterfield Training Programme Director

"It has been a pleasure to work with GPRP simulators during a number of GP training events. They provide a professional service tailored and adaptable to the requirements of the session. They are also punctual, pleasant and highly skilled. An invaluable source of patient simulators of varying demographic, to help develop consultation skills for the CSA and life beyond!".

Dr Veronica Grant, Chesterfield Training Programme Director

"The best patient simulators I've come across so far - this definitely helps you to forget it's just role play, and makes the whole scenario more realistic".

Alice, Chesterfield GP ST3 trainee

"I was surprised how refreshing and encouraging the one session I had was. The professional engagement of the actor gave me the buzz of seeing a real patient in front of me; it helped me to get into the role of a CSA candidate, and to get the best out of it. Two previous years of the same actors in ST1 and ST2 ... was half as stimulating (if that). Thank you for creating this new initiative".

Mo, Chesterfield GP ST3 trainee

"Working with Scott on the recent "Let's Talk About Sex" GP registrar training day was fantastic. He was very professional, thoroughly prepared and very engaged with the whole session. In addition to playing the roles excellently, when asked he gave pertinent and constructive feedback to the trainees. His contribution to the day was incredibly valuable and I look forward to working with him again".

Dr Rosy Blackmore, GP Educator

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather as part of our "Let's Talk About Sex" workshop for GP trainees in Doncaster. She was extremely flexible, playing 3 different roles over the afternoon. Her portrayal of a young sex worker with an unwanted pregnancy had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and me almost in tears. She was extremely able to rewind, stop-start and review, which enabled a really functional formative teaching session. I would be very happy to work with her and GPRP again".

Dr Tara George, Chesterfield Training Programme Director

"Having worked with Heather, Terry and Elaine, there is great skill they all hold in portraying the patient in the essence of how you would sense a real patient going through the problems would be. Beyond this there is also a great ability to provide constructive feedback towards the students, not only as the patient but also as a lay person who is feeling how the experience would impact themselves. Not only skilled and professional in what they do, but all really lovely people with whom it has been a pleasure to work".

Dr Sarah Hamlyn, GP Educator