Mock CSA Courses

Typically, the first few months of a GP trainee's ST3 year is dominated by preparations for the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) examination. Given the high stakes of the exam (not to mention its considerable cost), overcoming this hurdle - ideally first time - is obviously a top priority for trainees. With that in mind, GPRP are delighted to now be able to offer our own mock CSA courses.

Dr. Al-Rufaie himself is an examiner on each of these courses. Recently, he was extensively involved in helping to coach the 2016-17 cohort of Chesterfield GP trainees as part of their CSA preparations, and is happy to report that they had a 100% pass rate, with all but one trainee passing their CSA at the first attempt.

So, what makes our CSA course different to others on the market?

  • Simulated Exam Conditions - Our courses are designed to reflect the set-up of the actual CSA exam, including individual consulting rooms for each trainee, and back-to-back cases following the same timing structure as the CSA (i.e. 2 minutes' reading time, followed by a 10 minute consultation).

  • Large Number Of Cases - Many of the CSA courses on the market only allow each trainee to do a small number of cases each (e.g. 3 cases per trainee at the East Midlands deanery's CSA Saturday, and just 2 cases at the RCGP one-day course). Our courses allow each trainee to do a minimum of 8 cases. This is made possible by keeping the number of trainees enrolled on each course small; hence, trainees will not have to work in groups, nor merely observe some cases - you get to practice each one yourself.

  • High Quality Cases - All cases have been individually written by Dr. Al-Rufaie, and are designed to be of an equivocal standard to the cases that trainees can expect in their actual CSA.

  • High Quality Patient Simulators - We use an extensive roster of simulators of various ages/genders. Each actor has been coached by Dr. Al-Rufaie on how to emulate the approach and style of the simulators used in the CSA exam.

  • Experienced Examiners - Each of our examiners are working GPs with experience of teaching GP trainees. They have also each completed the CSA exam themselves, so know what to expect from it - and thus, how best to prepare trainees for it.

  • Personalised Feedback - Each trainee will receive a marking sheet for every case, containing both marks covering each of the 3 assessed CSA domains, as well as individual, personalised comments. Additionally, at the end of the course all attendees will congregate as a group, and the examiners will provide some general feedback, plus useful tips and advice.

  • Convenient Location - Our courses are ideally located for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire GP trainees, and we are the only CSA course on the market actually based in Nottingham. The majority of CSA courses advertised to trainees in the East Midlands are held in Birmingham, Manchester, or London (with the CSA Saturday now taking place in Leicester).

  • Competitive Price - The charge per trainee for each course is £200 (all inclusive); the majority of other CSA courses on the market typically charge in the region of £375-£495. 

Upcoming Courses

No courses scheduled at present - please check back here soon for updates!