How Much Does It Cost?

GPRP prides itself on delivering a quality, professional service, and one that promises to be an invaluable asset to any teaching session. We are also keen to remain competitive in the current market.

For both individual and group teaching sessions, our standard charge is £100 per simulator per half-day session (i.e. a full morning or afternoon), + car travel expenses for each actor (priced at 25p per mile). If you wish to hire the services of Dr. Al-Rufaie as a facilitator as well, then he charges £50 per hour (though this is negotiable for individual trainees), + travel expenses (again priced at 25p per mile).


The price for our mock CSA courses is separate (and all-inclusive); please click the link for the 'Mock CSA' page above for more details.

If you would like to get in touch regarding a booking or an enquiry, then you can do so here, or via the 'Contact Us' link above.